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Customer Reviews are king! But critical 1-star reviews are destroying your sales even the reputations of your products. Hide them from the front page of your listing and convert more than before.

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You Need to Know

What is Votes?

The real Amazon shoppers are reading customer reviews carefully before purchased any products on Amazon. Because, customer reviews are expressing user experiences, necessary information about the products. And after reading any customer feedback a verified customer has the rights to say it’s “Helpful” or “Report Abuse”. Quite Simple! In this way, Amazon is making Reviews Top List positioning algorithm & terms based on “Helpful” or “Report Abuse” quantities. Here we are using this factor to fix or re-arrange the TOP REVIEWS list as you wished to show your buyers on Amazon to grab more sales.

Optimized titles are showed higher in Amazon

Boosts the entire purchasing opportunity

Helps you retain the customer for a long time

Once you’ve fair enough Customer REVIEWS with Good average rating, have good search rank position for your hot selling keywords or keep running PPC Ads but still, you’re failed to win Maximum SALES if you have a Terrible list of your Customer Reviews in any of your Amazon Products. It does mean, Once the Critical or Negative Reviews are showing on Review's top list (#1 to #10th Spot) it’s making your buyers confused about your product quality and they are getting away with a negative sense about your products. It’s not only a Negative sense but also highly damaging your daily conversion rate. So here, we’ll make your customer reviews list as you wanted to show up to your daily shoppers!

To Maximize your Sales

Once you’ll re-arrange & maximize your Top Customer Reviews List as your wished then it must attract more buyers, convenience them, finally increasing your daily sales. Eventually, the most important purpose of doing votes is maximizing your sales by keeping your reviews list awesome with your best customer feedbacks. Best way to keep the well position of your Amazon Customer Reviews to grab customer's attention.

Improve Search Results & Visibility

Once we’ll do “Helpful” thumbs under your Customer Reviews by searching your hot selling keywords then they will get highly affected to increase search results & visibility as well. We’re using the higher-profile valid customers to make this happen! As well as the Reviews positioning it’s an elite advantage of VOTES.

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Assure Brand Reputation & Quality

Push down your Critical Negative Reviews (1, 2 & 3 stars) from the top list of reviews and grown-up your Best Reviews (5 star, Reviews with Images, Videos) is building a good reputation for each of the items even your brands. It’s converting shoppers to sales.  So, it’s a best seller practice as well.


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