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SafeRanker is a Market Research and Intelligence analytics partner for Amazon, helping you analyze markets, categories, and competitors to make smarter business decisions.

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What is Amazon Research & Analytics?

Amazon is by far and ardently the most extensive online marketplace with 244 million active shoppers account.

What’s more, Amazon also has 24 million sellers account looking for every opportunity to impress these millions of consumers and sell them products.

Amazon research and analytic is a proven process to know the consumers’ needs, research hot-selling product keywords, and find a pleasant way to reach these customers with the most suitable products for them. The whole process is based on factual data that analytic specialist collects from Amazon and other search engines.

Optimized titles are showed higher in Amazon

Boosts the entire purchasing opportunity

Helps you retain the customer for a long time

The data research and analysis include finding the best sellers and product list, thoroughly analyze the product criteria, competitor analysis, keyword listing, and find a product for the seller to maximize his benefit. For aspiring sellers, maintaining the whole process is often painstakingly time-consuming.

Thus, Amazon Research and Product Analysis service will help you do all of these for you and serve you with the result in a limited time frame. Therefore, your decision will be smarter, and you will have less stress while profiting increases lucratively.

How does Amazon Research & Analytics help?



Product Sourcing


How Does it work?

We use strategy and experience to generate results


Our professionals use top-class analytic tools such as Jungle Scout and Viral Dispatch to analyze the jot-selling products in Amazon, identify consumers trend as well as monitor competitor's index, audits, ranks, dealing information, and so on. So, you will be able to eliminate all risks of investing resources in low-profit items.


Once our research team is ready with your preferred physical product within the budget, we will arrange meet-ups with the manufacturers to help you establish a secured supply chain. It broadly includes subsequent layouts, quotations or pricing, contracts, and shipment process.


As part of our research and analysis, every data is arranged with perfection. Our research experts will thoroughly examine competition volume, rank probability, costs, profit margin, and reviews to sequence and manage everything for sellers.


While many providers or sellers are particularly interested in the present selling trends of products, it is often misleading. So, we track the historical selling information about the products and consumers' decisional patterns. Thereby, it reduces guesswork and helps sellers know where to focus and where not to.


Once you have set up your virtual Amazon store, we will come up with intriguing product reviews and proper questions and answer related to your products. It will increase product visibility in Amazon and assist you in getting higher ranks.

Our Amazon Research and Analytics core services

Use of Verification

All of our research and analytic are based on verified and trusted analytic software. Our post-launch reviews are collected from real buyers worldwide.

Manual Processing

Besides, the software-based analytic, our experts also check everything manually to ensure that the data is right and not faulty. We log in from different devices and platforms so, Amazon doesn’t consider these spams.

Seller Security

We respect our seller satisfaction and offer payments once you are satisfied with the results. Every payment gateway and discussion is made safe by our security specialist.


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